Wood industry

The wood and furniture industry is an important branch of the National Economy. Plates and furniture accessories factories are located throughout the country. Currently, after ownership transformations and the entry of foreign capital, they are among the leading concerns in Europe and worldwide.

In all these plants there are lines for the production and refinement of boards, elements or furniture accessories from well-known machine manufacturers, such as Bürkle, Sorbini and Barberan. Different production specifications require different applications for rolls with a variable coating structure.

Specifications and technical data

Roller types:

  • transport with thread, pulleys, rollers
  • glue grooved (Ryli, Opti)
  • smooth and so-called varnish optirolers
  • for impregnation - spongy
  • printing
  • grooved drums for wide belt sanders
  • Elastomers: 20 - 95 ° ShA
  • PU: 15-50° ShA

  • BY1L, BY2L, BY25L, BY3L - for staining
  • BY2N, BY3N, BY4N - for oiling
Durability on:
  • abrasion
  • mechanical loads
  • oils
  • thinners

The EOS sleeves system for the woodworking industry

EOS sleeves

Varnish Coatings in 48 hours!

EOS Pren

Polyurethane coatings for difficult applications

EOS Glue

Sleeves for glue application