Flexography printing

Flexography printing is constantly growing in popularity within the market by providing ever increasing print quality and flexibility in using of different inks and substrates. The sleeves technology has brought acceleration in speed, simplification and lower costs when replacing a printing form and within printing itself. Quick development of direct laser engraving and new generation of elastomers allow to achieve a very high printing quality.

Thanks the intensively material development and unique innovations in the production process became LIGUM worldwide leader in supply of elastomer covered sleeves.

Type of sleeves:  

  • for direct laser engraving with C02, YAG or diode lasers
  • for solid printing
  • under seamless photopolymer
  • others


Typical elastomers:

  • EPDM, SBR, NR, NBR, Silicones, Copolymers

Typical hardness:

  • 40° - 80° shore A

Benefits of direct engraved elastomer covered sleeves:

  • excellent transfer of all printing inks
  • possibility of printing seamless motives
  • no plate lift
  • optimal register
  • increased press speed
  • high resistance to solvents (ethyl acetate, ethanol, mek)
  • high durability of printing form
  • possibility of combining several materials 
  • possibility of setting mechanical properties
  • conductive sleeves
  • environmental friendly
  • possibility of regrinding and recovering of already used sleeves  

Gravure printing

Gravure printing as a technology with high printing speed and quality places high demands on the performance of impression rollers or sleeves = pressers. Additionally to mechanical demands, long lasting stability in gravure printing inks is important.  Pressers with electrostatic printing assistance (ESA) are breaking through more and more with the growing demands on increased printing quality.


Specifications and technical data Gravure printing

Types of rollers, sleeves:

  • standard pressers
  • pressers with electrostatic printing assistance (ESA)
  • 1-layer pressers for core charging
  • 2-layers pressers for top loading
  • 3-layers pressers for side loading

Typical elastomers:


Typical hardness:

  • 75°-90° shore A


  • excellent mechanical properties
  • high resistance against solvents (alcohols, esters, toluene)
  • choice of adequate mixture according to your ESA demands
  • possibility of recovering of rollers and sleeves
  • Let´s explore benefits for your print using our pressers and contact us for more information.


Firma Ligum, jako członek Grupy Westland, produkuje i dostarcza wałki drukarskie spełniające standardy jakościowe producentów maszyn drukarskich. Dodatkowo, do pierwszego wyposażenia nowych maszyn drukarskich, oferujemy odzysk wałków do wszystkich maszyn drukarskich oraz wymianę wałków na arkuszowe rolki offsetowe do wielu maszyn drukarskich.

Jakość wałków drukarskich opracowanych i wyprodukowanych przez firmę Westland gwarantuje stały standard jakości dzięki temu samemu know-how we wszystkich zakładach produkcyjnych oraz dzięki zastosowaniu normy EN ISO 9001:2000.

Werograph-HX Availability of rollers   LotoTec® -MRS: Modułowy system rolek MRS calculator Program wymiany rolek

Composition rollers

Werograph-HX (NEW!)
Much more resistant to chemical reactions, prevents the so-called rubber corrosion and ensures ink roller stability in sheetfed offset printing with conventional inks - especially on high-speed presses up to 18,000 sheets per hour.

The tried-and-tested ink roller quality with high volume stabiliy because of good swell resistance and minimised heat-build-up. It also offers easy washability and guarantees a long life.

The optimal quality for ink and dampening form rollers for pure UV inks.

The special quality for ink and dampening form rollers for mixed printing. This quality is also recommended for hybride inks.

The new ink and dampening form roller genera-tion for newspaper printing for coldset inks contai-ning vegetable oils.

Rider or distributor rollers as an alternative to ril-san coated rollers. This quality offers an excellent runability and is also used for the recovering of film rollers with rhomb or polygone profile.

Damping rollers


The perfect dampening roller quality for alcohol reduced or free printing. It is already used by many printing machine manufacturers in the first equipment.


The tried-and-tested dampening roller quality for continuous-film dampening systems for sheet-fed and web printing. The hydrophilic surface and the constant Shore hardness guarantee constant wetting over a long time.


The quality with high mechanic stability for dampening form rollers for Dahlgren and Delta dampening systems with an excellent media resistance.


A brand new dampening roller generation with the Westland LotoTec® technology.

Wero-UV + LED UV 2.0

Coatings for ink and waterjet rolls, optimized exclusively for printing with UV inks.

Other rollers

  • varnishing rollers
  • developing rollers
  • press and guiding rollers
  • stretching rollers
  • PUR rings for folding rollers
  • complete rollers including accessories Ready to run

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