Paper industry

Paper industry, manufacture of cardboard and paper for sanitary purposes (tissue) make use of rubberized rollers both in paper making machines and in all stages of subsequent processing of material rolls. And each of the stages imposes specific demands on the rollers.

Specifications and technical data

 Shaft types:

  • Feed rollers
  • Gluing rollers
  • Pressing rollers
  • Spreading rollers
  • Breast rollers
  • Drawing rollers
  • Suction rollers
  • Transport rollers
  • Web-guide rollers
  • Sieve part guide rollers

Surface hardness:

  • 50 - 100°Sh A

Surface resistance:

  • to high pressure
  • to abrasion
  • to aggressive chemical processes

Rubber compounds used:

  • Nitrile-butadiene rubber
  • Ethylene-propylene-diene rubber
  • Micro rock

Additional services:

  • Splining
  • Rubberizing of ends and pivots
  • Dynamic balancing
  • Surface crowning