Oil industry

Drilling of layers by hydraulic fracking (extraction of slate petroleum) makes use of special pipe rollers with expansive rubber layer which automatically seals up the drill holes. They help to extract petroleum in deposits with petroleum-bearing rocks with low permeability and contribute to the reduction of the amount of water and dirt in the petroleum mixture in the drill hole.

Specifications and technical data

Shaft types:

  • Sealing expansive packers reacting with petroleum
  • Sealing expansive packers reacting with water

Surface hardness:

  • 55 - 60°Sh A

Surface resistance:

  • to petroleum products and their derivatives
  • to high pressure

Rubber compounds used:

  • Nitrile-butadiene rubber

Additional services:

  • Blast cleaning of core surface
  • Assembly and disassembly of packers
  • Shock-resistant packing